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Wears a black cocktail dress and a simple black domino mask.

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In Vol. 17 The Dilettante's Ball she wears a very elaborate slim cut tuxedo with coat tails that shimmers and sparkles. She has oversized silver embroidered lapels. Her mask was reminiscent of her own mask, though the teardrop shape is larger and covers more of her face.

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The Dilettante throws an enormous event to benefit PCOY each year called The Dilettante's Ball.

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She lives in an enormous mansion in Pinnacle City to belong to Dianne Sloane, friend of the Dilettante.

The mansion has a large circular driveway with enormous pillars, overhanging balconies, and gargoyles up at the top. The front doors are grand and vaulted leading into an atrium inside.

It matches with the retro-futurist look of Protean City's elite.

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  • The Dilettante's Ball is a reference to the podcast Dilettante Ball and is the only reason Brandon is able to

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