Gearhead is a Silver Age Villain and member of the Steam Society. He appeared in Vol. 1 Fashion Disaster.

He is a man with swarthy skin who stands about 6'6", is built like a truck, and has a big black mustache. From the side of his head down to the bottom of his jaw, he has bone protrusions that look like a heavy gear.

He is very sensitive about his appearance. He has terribly knees from carrying around enormous brass junk.

The bone protrusions were a result of genetic meddling that gave him his superhuman strength. In Vol. 1 Fashion Disaster, Puck erased his memory of a time without the bone protrusions including when he was raising his son Coghead.

As a result of Puck's actions, they spend most of their time in Jerry's Bar, where they can be found in Vol. 20 F.AL.C.O.N. DOWN, drinking their sorrows away.

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