"Ladies, Gentlemen, Children of all ages, Welcome to the Center Ring. I'm Highwire, and my life's like a Three Ring Circus."

Celeste Thompson is a circus child who decided to put her trianing to use, first as a villain and small time theif, and now as a hero, under the guidance of Hermosa Vida.

Personality Edit

Highwire is extra. Very extra. She's also just here to help. Despite her past and her lack of powers, she wants to do the right thing, even if she doesn't always know how. She also has allergies to Milk and Eggs.


Celeste is a white teenage girl with short, wavy blonde hair.

In Costume Edit

The superhero equivalent of a ringmaster costume. Black and red outfit, with a red jacket, a magical tophat for storage, and a lacey stylized black domino mask. Really Extra. Just, incredibly Extra.

Alternate Costumes Edit

History Edit

At the start of her career as a villain, she got involved with Sam Carter i.e. Ringleader. As they continued dating, they became a theif duo who slowly evolved into spreading general chaos, along with stealing things.

When they crashed an upscale party to cause chaos (and grab some items along the way), Hermosa Vida intercepted them, and upon noticing their age offered them the chance to become heroes. Highwire agreed, Ringleader did not.

Afterwards, Highwire began small scale heroics, stopping minor crimes and other threats within the scope of her abilities, with some minor oversight from Hermosa Vida.

Abilities Edit

General Circus Training Edit

Celeste grew up in the circus, participating in most acts from Highwire to Trapize to everything else, giving her a variety of skills to apply to super heroing.

Fighting Skills: Generally a good fighter.

Knife Throwing: She learned how to throw knifes as part of her circus training.


Villain Connections:Edit

  • Madame Mayhem: Magical Supervillain with access to magical artefacts, and the source of her magic tophat.
  • Whisper: A source of insider info, with an ear to the ground who knows what's up in the Supervillain Community.
  • Damascus: Weapon's Expert.

Family: Edit

  • Grew up as a part of The Protean City Circus
  • Parents are aware of her activities, and supportive of the swap from Villainy to Heroics


  • Emily created a playlist for Highwire that was released alongside the episode on Twitter.


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