Reggie Lightman is the star of a local cable Wrestling and Monster Hunting show, with episodes based on his actual escapades with Dr. Demoniaco Jr. He has Light Control super powers which he uses both when hunting monsters, and is constantly driven to more heroic and dangerous adventures to appease his fans.

Personality Edit


A young nerdy multiracial African-American and Caucasian teen boy. He is usually dressed up nicely to maintain his image if not in costume.

In Costume Edit

Steampunky sunglass goggles rest atop a scarf mask covering his face. The rest of his costume is a set of fully covering overalls adorned with a variety of logos from sponsors to help him make money. Whenever he's in costume, his priority is generally to create a good impression if not outright posture to his fans, which can cause some personal and interpersonal tension with his partners.

Out of Costume Edit

Reggie is still a normal kid who goes to school, but due to his life as The Star his identity is very public. He is constantly interacting with his fans via social media and is pretty well off as a result of his show.

Alternate Costumes Edit

History Edit

Abilities Edit

Light ControlEdit

His control of light is pretty fine and varied. He can use it for special effects, which he often does on his show or to ensure that his smile sparkles, but in combat he can focus the light into disco ball coloured lasers.

Fans Edit

Love him because:

  • Noble Warrior for Justice.
  • Easy to speak to via Social Media.

Demand from him:

  • Perfection.
  • Major Acts of Heroism.


Dr. Demoniaco Jr.Edit

Partner in monster hunting with more skills and practical experience. They work together often, and their escapades are where most of the inspiration for the show comes from. Lightshow knows that one day Dr. Demoniaco Jr. will be a bigger star than him since he will defeat an actual big-deal threat, and the original Dr. Demoniaco is already quite famous.


  • Centurion likes his show.
  • James has created a playlist for him, dropped into the ether, and found here.


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