Mascara Vampira is a vampire with supernatural abilities that allow her to both manipulate and draw upon the emotions of people around her, as well as transform into mist and various forms. She used to be a professional wrestler, until she was outted as a werewolf and dusted. During this time, she came toe to toe with the original Dr. Demoniaco, and it is possible that he may even have played a part in her dusting.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Demoniaco described her as both fast and strong, and considering he had legendary speed because of the mask, this implies that she must be very fast herself. However, her main threat comes from her power to "infect" crowds of people with her hate and malice. This has led to Dr. Demoniaco describing her deadliest quality as her intelligence, warning Dr. Demoniaco Jr. not to take part in her games. Additionally, she can control a red spectral mist that can impart physical force, and was used to create a spectral form of her body, being able to fully transform into it or use it to modify her spectral form, such as stretching her arm or creating a giant spectral mouth.

Dr. Demoniaco Jr y Lightshow Edit

Somehow returning from the dead, she united with Lunito in order to set up the wrestling match known as "The Death of Lightshow and Dr. Demoniaco Jr." She infected an entire crowd with hate, notably Katie "I See The Light", Lightshow's number one fan, using the show to draw them all in before brainwashing them by using a spell inscribed in the ground. Over the course of the fight, her body became more spectral as she was damaged. During the fight, she gets a bite on Dr. Demoniaco Jr. in an attempt to infect him, but that only enhanced the demon within the mask, giving him more than enough power to finish the fight. The last we see of her, the mist dissapears into nothing, with the assumption being that she's dead.

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