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The Protean City Home for Outstanding Youth (PCOY or more properly PCHOY) is an orphanage created with the intention of providing a safe home for children to learn to safely control powers regardless of power source. The orphanage was created by Lunar Lens in 1992 and introduced first in Sisters of the Moon Issue 92 of the same year. It is in the Downtown district of Protean City and is easily accessible from the B.A.S.H.

Publication History Edit

In Sisters of the Moon Issue 92 Lunar Lens, Fyre Fly, and the Dilettante (the current Sister of the Moon were involved in battle with the Damaged a group of mutant thugs living in the Protean City sewers. The Damaged were shown to have a long history of stealing children that showed signs of obvious mutation. After trouncing the mutants, the Sisters of the Moon found that the Damaged had amassed a group of abandoned mutant children. With financial help from Dilettante, Lunar Lens opened a home for the children.

Geography Edit

PCOY is located in the western side of the Downtown district of Protean City. It is on a small parcel of land originally owned by the city that had been intended for other development but had laid fallow.

Grounds Edit

The fenced campus includes several outdoor amenities including a basketball court and a small track and field track.

Buildings Edit

PCOY is a multi-level building with rooms and amenities for the children living there kept in house.

The first floor includes a kitchen, a classroom, offices, and a multipurpose room designed to work as a combination gymnasium and program room. It also includes specialty rooms for children with exceptional mutations (including a double designed for aquatic children).

The second floor is primarily younger children and older children who require additional support or supervision due to their mutations. Lunar Lens's office and room are on this floor.

The third floor is primarily older children who are given more space and trust by the headmaster.

Notable Characters Edit

Lunar Lens- Owner and headmistress of PCOY.

A wide variety of young mutants live at PCOY including Frequency and Penance.

Fan Works Edit

PCOY was featured in Will You Recognize Me? a piece of fan-fiction by exploring an alternate timeline in which Puck left clues for Frequency after his removal from memory.

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