"He was a good boyfriend, just made bad choices to be a villain."

Sam Carter, a.k.a. Ringleader, is a villain who dated Highwire throughout her villain career, but didn't take Hermosa Vida up on the offer to do good, choosing instead to live life out as a villain.

Costume: Edit

His costume is distinct from Highwires, but close enough that the connection between the two is clear. He wears a shorter jacket with more gold accents than Highwire's, and his costume is generall bright and villainy. When he needs to be discreet, he wears a black cloak on top to hide the guadiness.

Abilties: Edit

While not having powers, his specialty is in tech, and he handles that aspect of their crimes.

He is not very smooth for a circus performer.

Trivia: Edit

  • Emlily created a playlist for Ringleader that was released on twitter alongside the second Issue.

Best Lines: Edit

"This time, instead of a brief case full of money, it's a briefcase full of we're not gonna have to go to jail." 10:42

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