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Rides on the Boardwalk Edit

  • There are a couple of them! The big swinging ship which is called Centurion's Trireme, there is a small roller coaster themed off of Striped Eagle but she sued them and the name has changed without losing the America colors and Eagles, and there was a Scrambler type ride which is rumored to have activated a number of mutant kids. There was a Hell-evator ride that just rises up and drops you, but Santo Sangre and Dr. Devilus teamed up, took it over and actually brought people to hell.

Most Haunted Place In Protean City Edit

There is an old movie theater in the BASH that keeps changing hands every couple years. Rumor has it that there was some big brutal Golden Age fight that happened there and both the hero and the villain died there. Forced to fight forever.

It's a big old run down theater. Huge marquee sign outside.

One, maybe two screens.

It's got this creepy Fortune Teller style robot ticket seller that will run even without anyone manning it.

So technically the place is fully self sufficient, but no one can seem to own it for more than a couple years.

Publication History Edit

Oooh, yeah. That was in an unreleased 1960 Incredible Powers! that was later put into a big collection of old Protean City stories focusing on architecture of the city. That book only had one publication run though, so even that is hard to get your hands on.

They wrote the story, inked, colored, everything, but then the Comics Code didn't like it. It's kind of a legendary comic and since then the theatre has been featured by the authors that REALLY want to flex their PCC Knowledge.

Corporate HeroesEdit


Works at Calloway Corp! For more, see the Character Creation Cast!

The Fantastic FANTAsticsEdit

A brief deeper connection with the Fanta company which lead to a small team of heroes themed for the Fanta flavors. The writers rebelled and got them all beat up in an issue, there were 2 years where Fanta didn't support PCC, but things are on better terms now.

Supers outside of Protean CityEdit

Bigger cities have more supers usually!

Specifically, there's a UK group of some kind formed up, London? Gotta check that with editorial on that team.

El Dorado is also an isolationist city still hidden somewhere.

The FBIEdit

Doesn't exist

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