The Steam Society is a criminal organization dedicated to the acquisition of wealth, power, and fame. Modeled after steampunk Victorian sensibilities, the Steam Society is viewed as many as a ridiculous group of individuals and many heroes go out of their way to trounce them especially hard so that they will go home. There is, however, no denying their ingenuity even if it does come with layers of ornamentation, brass, and bad fake British accents.

History Edit

The Steam Society was introduced during the Silver Age as an intended counter to the technological hero Centurion. Their plots varied widely from simple bank heists to elaborate burglary of art or other fineries.

Originally the Steam Society was essentially just Duke Hellington and his minions who frequently were dressed like old timey dock workers, but as the Steam Society saw greater use through the later end of the Silver Generation more elaborate characters were introduced as well.

During the Bronze Generation, the Steam Society was more or less disbanded and appeared in only a smattering of comics, but the Modern Generation has seen an uptick in their usage. In more modern comics, they seem to be working for other organizations rather than themselves providing essentially "a 'lackeys on demand' service."[1]

Hierarchy Edit

The Steam Society has been organized in a variety of ways by various authors, but the core tendency tends to be separated in four levels, the leader Duke Hellington, the Lords and Ladies of Steam, the Knights of Steam, and the Workers.

Duke Hellington Edit

Although there have been occasional characters who have jockied for Duke Hellington's position, he has remained more or less in control of the Steam Society from it's inception.

Lords and Ladies of Steam Edit

Given their own crews and charged with stealing for the good of the Steam Society, these criminals are more or less in charge of things unless specifically given instructions by the Duke.

Examples of Lords and Ladies of Steam include Professor Inventrix.

Knights of Steam Edit

Each Lord or Lady of Steam is able to raise Knights to command under them. This is left more or less to their discretion. One cannot become a Lord or Lady of Steam without first being a Knight.

Examples of Knights of Steam include Gearhead and Gasketcase.

Workers Edit

Everybody without a title within the organization is otherwise described as a Worker, regardless of their exact job within the organization.

Mechanics Edit

The Steam Society has a custom move. While one was introduced in Vol. 1 Fashion Disaster it has since been replaced with the following:

When you attempt to overcome mechanical obstacles created by the Steam Society roll +Superior instead of +Freak. Even on a hit, bursts of dangerous steam and erupt from their machines.
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