The Appointed is a cult dedicated to harnessing the power inherent in all people by releasing their latent mutations. During the Bronze Era, they were active in a hidden mountain compound, but in recent continuity they have begun to show up as a public 'Church of the Appointed.' The Appointed is a significant organization to Arcana and The Asset especially, as she was born a member of the cult and he rescued her from it.

History Edit

The Appointed are known to be seeking the Staff of Balagenos, an arcane implement designed to increase the effects of spiritual practices.

Hierarchy Edit


Evan Lee, the creator of the cult, has been the leader since it's beginning.

Other Members

Although not yet identified, the Appointed are associated with someone by the following description: 'An attractive caucasian man in his young 20s with stripes of white through his hair. He wears a dark navy suit with the pin of the Appointed at the neck. He was shown in Volume 6 tossing a marble in his mouth and popping it before kissing Mindshot.

They also have a member who is a replicating mutant who is a muscular caucasian man.

Mechanics Edit

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