The Asset is a stealth and infiltration specialist who works with F.A.L.C.O.N. He has advanced training in military and spy practices and years of experience. He is a member of the Bronze Generation and has had an ongoing comic The Asset from 1993 to 2002 that was restarted in 2009 at the culmination of The Appointed Protocol Special Event. He is the mentor of Arcana.  

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

The Asset is a Caucasian man likely in his mid 40s who stands at 5'10". He has unassuming, but relatively handsome features with dark brown hair cut short at the sides. His build is fit and muscled, but easily hidden.

In Costume Edit

The Asset dresses in plain suits that fit him well. He doesn't wear a mask, but does have a pin that provides technological scattering for digital recording.

Out of Costume Edit

The Asset has had relatively little out of costume time during his comics, but sometimes has grey or black tight, non-logo t-shirts and medium wash jeans.

Alternate Costumes Edit

In Vol. 17 The Dilettante's Ball he was shown dressed up formally. He wore a very high quality, but otherwise average grey tuxedo with a matching grey mask. Edit

History Edit

The Asset's backstory begins with him already established as The Asset. Time before him being a secret agent is alluded to occasionally, but not fully realized.

The first comic of The Asset Comic Run gives a flashback to his time in the military where he is involved with an infiltration team. The comic explores The Asset through the eyes of Paul, a new recruit that he provides some mentorship to.

He was instrumental in the breakup of The Appointed[1] and went on to provide mentorship to a young woman, Alina Mars, who was saved from the cult.

Abilities Edit

The Asset is well versed in hand-to-hand combat and military trained. He is exceptionally good at infiltration and research into organizational breakdowns.

Technology Edit

Although he prefers not to be reliant upon technology, The Asset uses a variety of gadgets in his work. He plays these technologies close to the chest, but has been shown to have keypad hackers, tech scramblers, and breathing kits.

Relationships Edit

Mentee Edit

The Asset currently is training Arcana to make her an infiltration specialist.

Trivia Edit

  • The Asset is played by Karl Urban n the PCCU.

Ships Edit

  1. See The Appointed Protocol Special Event
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