In the sixteenth volume, Where There's Smoke, the team investigate the increased Appointed activity in Halceyon City ever since the start of Faclon Down.


Note: Here there be spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Issue 1: The Devilis you Know
The issue starts with love letters, which establish that Arcana has been practicing her psychic abilities with Adler Adder behind the back of The Asset, though he is aware of this.

Due to the increased tensions caused by Falcon Down, The Appointed, and Evan Lee, have gone public. Mindshot attempts an ill-fated escape and accuses Alina of being no better than falcon, after which they rush off to an incident.

They find a building on fire where Gild and Arc Flash, two teens with the appointed, are attempting to stop Miss Divilis, a member of the Doctor Devilis legacy.

Sage acts as a reporter (Selena Golmez) to get them past the security, then rushes in to help people get out while Arcana uses her psychic powers to attempt to Subdue Devilis. After Sage flirting with Gild, both of them along with Miss Devilis end up flying out of a window.

Issue 2: Look Before You Leap
Issue 2
Issue 3: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Compounds
Issue 3
Issue 4: Heart Breaking and Entering
Issue 4


# Title Release Date Link Runtime
Issue 1 The Devilis You Know 07/11/2018 Listen 00:54:26
This is the first of four issues for Volume 16 Where There's Smoke. When there are people in danger the city turns its heroes. What happens when some of those young heroes start to question their worth?
Issue 2 Look Before You Leap 07/18/2018 Listen 00:53:52
This is Issue two of four for Volume 16 Where There's Smoke. With our heros hurtling through the air, there is only one way can discover who will survive and who will fall to their the

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Issue 3 Diners, Drive-Ins, and Compounds 07/25/2018 Listen 00:46:38
This is Volume 16 Where There's Smoke Issue 3 of 4. Surprise there's a fourth issue. As our young heroes lure the Appointed due back to Dynamite Jack's for milkshakes is it possible that they are the ones being lured somewhere?
Issue 4 Heart Breaking and Entering 08/01/2018 Listen 00:40:53
This is the 4th issue of Volume 16 Where There's Smoke. With two of our young heroes lured into the heart of a cultish stronghold of the Appointed Church, nothing good can happen. What dark secret will Alina stumble onto. Will Sage be able to break through Gild's hard exterior and get to the young man's heart?



  • Appointed Church


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