Freaky power swaps, identities thrown into chaos, a mysterious shadowy figure. All this and more as Volume 18 asks us: What Makes a Hero?

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Note: Here there be spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Issue 1: What Makes a Hero
It opens up with Sage working with Lunar Lens to gain back her powers through meditation. Is given a necklace to restrain the Hexworm.

Start with a montage of Solo Heroing: Puck dissassembles a diamond smuggling ring, Windshear grounds an Alien Lizard, Sohcahtoa rolls over a criminal, Frequency shocks an electronics shop theif, and Arcana spies from a birds eye view.

Cut to misty villain forseeing the heroes, gives a cool what makes a hero speech, then swaps everyone's power.
Everyone fails or causes collateral damage to various extents when losing access to their power.
Puck falls into the sewer after failing a jump, Windshear quite literally loses his breath and gets beat up bad, Sohcahtoa gets Nova power he's never controlled levitating everything around him, Frequency can't text.

The team slowly converges around Windshear's location, all trying to deal with their changed circumstances. Meanwhile, Town Hall is attacked by Meathead.

Issue 2: Shattered Figures
Windshear, Frequency, and Sohcahtoa scramble around town hall to adjust to their scenario and attempt to weild their new abilities. Despite failing at controlling them, Windshear gives the group a heroic speech to rally them against the threat.

Puck continues to snake through town in a drunken search for Jack Chance, while Alina re-unites with The Asset who buzzes her up to speed. The two begin to dig into how to stop the situation.

The fight with Meathead begins in force, with Sohcahtoa using his new psychic powers to disarm him while Windshear and Frequency tag team him with physical violence.

Seeing the fight break out on TV, Alina and The Asset pick up John in the helicopter and rush to the boys aid.

Sohcahtoa headbutts Meathead with a statue, then Windshear weaponizes his grief to paralyze his foe. It's very sad.

As our fledgeling nova takes out the foe, the team attempts to gather through their emotional wreckage.

After some bonding and recollecting, the clouds part, and the mysterious villain taunts the heroes with the gravity of their situation, highlighting the chaos around them.

Issue 3: The World That Could Be
The team groups up in the aftermath, while Alina fills them in on The Fortune Teller. Poolng their knowledge together, they identify a new construction building where Windshear was rejected from a job as their target.

With a location in mind, they take to the subway. Ramon experiments with his "healing" (Editors Note: Power Negation) powers by causing Puck to shed and "curing" some other people of their powers as he passes.

At the location, they waltz on in past a confused security guard and Ben, powers still intact, lets them up the elevator. They scout through doors and Isaac finds the right room.

Using Ramon's powers to create a pile of shed Snake-Skin, they create a distraction to snake into the room past Bonebreaker.

As Puck terrifies Bonebreaker, Alina sneaks in past the curtain to the Crystal Ball, while Sohcahtoa battles with giving up his new powers.

As Windshear and Puck continue to struggle with Bonebreaker, Frequency creates a distraction. Alina chucks the Crystal ball out of the window, only for Sohcahtoa to stop it from breaking. After an intense confrontation, Sohcahtoa chooses to break the orb himself.

As powers return to the group, they easily apprehend the villains. As the group slowly recovers, Alina tells Sohcahtoa that she can't trust him. At least not right now.

Issues Edit

# Title Release Date Link Runtime
Issue 1 What Makes a Hero 08/22/2018 Listen 00:44:46
When a new villain engages the city in a terrifying game who we will find out who is truly a hero and who is a villain. Can our heroes save the day even if they aren't feeling like themselves?
Issue 2 Shattered Figures 08/29/2018 Listen 00:40:51
Stricken with strange superpowers will our young heroes save the city or succum to sadness?
Issue 3 The World That Could Be 09/05/2018 Listen 00:50:42
While our beloved city is bamboozled by magic, it would take a group of young heroes who already confront their changing powers daily to seize the day and rescue us all. Or so we hope.

Characters Edit

Locations Edit

  • Town Hall

Trivia Edit

  • The Lizard Alien escaped in a Spocter.

One Liners: Edit

  • "Hey hero brats, bring it on" - Meathead, 43:10 Issue 1
  • "It's not our powers that make us heroes, it's making the decision that we're going to do something about it." - Kidshear, 7:16 Issue 2
  • "He feels like he is now in a position where he can protect people, better than he ever has before, so he doesn't want to let anyone get hurt." - Sohcahtoa,
  • "Hey! Everybody got some sweet new powers. But me!" - Frequency, 37:24 Issue 3
  • "Bad news, I've felt better than I've felt all day." - Kidshear, 45:17 Issue 3
  • "You have the right to remain crazy." - Alina, 46:40 Issue 3
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