As the more fuel gets added to the fire in the F.A.L.C.O.N.-Mutant Conflict, will this reformed Circus Performer turned Villain turned Hero step up to save the day, or will she be the one who sets off The Powder Keg?

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Note: Here there be spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Issue 1: The First Act
Frequency at a basement apartment protest in The Bash. Penance Sage is at home reading a book, doing a quiet activity. Highwire is hanging out on a roof until she answers a call by Highwire, who wants to "expunge materials" in order to "set things up" for swapping sides. Frequency and his gang are in the basement, when a message from Hermosa Vida and Crackdown appears telling them it's time to take The Bash.

Ben is worried about others getting hurt from the conflict but gets convinced that it must be done. Sage is babysitting in the PCOY, making rice crispy treats disastrously. Striped Eagle Mark II shows up asking for help. Ringleader shows up working with Falcon, giving himself a chance to get a clean slate if he steals files from this geneticist.

Ben goes over the plan, which is to take a radio tower and shut down F.A.L.C.O.N. Communication, and then go escort the PCOY children somewhere safe so they don't suffer the effects of the crackdown. Striped Eagle warns Sage about the attack on PCOY, and Sage decides that she can handle it here herself, despite not finding anything of Lunar Lens bar a note declaring her pride of Sage.

Highwire breaks into the apartment after Ringleader takes down the security, finding the file; a registry on every mutant throughout the city, location, powers, and more. As she browses through these in shock, she gets caught by the scientist, and throws a knife, nicking him to cover her escape.

The Issue Ends with the reveal that Falcon knows that the registr file has been acquired, and that Lunar Lens is working with Falcon.

Issue 2: Shattered Figures
Frequency and his teammates are set up on motored, teched-up razer scooters, driving through a town that is gearing up for the upcoming fight. He sends a warning to Sage, who is currently running the kids through a safety "drill." She opts to stay put because she knows it's the most security she can trust, turning down SEII's offer.

After a heated exchange, Highwire convinces Ringleader to take the files to Hermosa Vida instead of F.A.L.C.O.N. Two figures are blocking an exit to the subway as they arrive.

Havingcompleted their tasks, Ben shuts down access to the tower completely, but alerts The Director in the process. After debriefing Hermosa, Highwire and Ringleader are sent to PCOY to help defend the mutants. Sage finishes the lock down proceedings, and settles into mission control over the fully fortified PCOY.

Sage and Frequency try to figure out a defence plan that involves keeping the kids inside PCOY, eventually activating a defence aid to help Sage run the system. 25 Striped Eagles arrive and begin to chip away at the forcefield fence. Hermosa Vida arrives in a suite of "Mad Max Trucks," bringing Ringleader and Highwire with it. As the trucks fall under attack, Sage's motorcycle helps Frequency escape while Highwire flips out of the way. She vaults up with the help of Highwire, pinning the suit long enough for Highwire to knock him out.

Lens reveals to Sage that she had been trying to work a deal to stop the war, but was being betrayed by Falcon, just before the line cuts. Sage orders Dante to breathe fires through the air ducts to deter the Striped Eagle Suits. Holly tries to hold off the Striped Eagles but is in a losing battle. Ringleader bails despite Highwire’s pleas. Frequency boosts Holly's suit. Highwire takes one down with a tackle.

Sage opens up a chute dropping both down into the basement, but when the fall, the "fake" Striped Eagle loses their helmet, and reveals that they are Holly.

Issue 3: A Grand Finale
An intense fight sceene is playing out outside. In the basement, Sage and Holly team up, and Sage gears up in the knockoff armour with Frequency's help. Hermosa Vida arrives with a full strike team ready to break it down, while Ben fails to stall. 

When Ben takes a stand to not move the kids, Hermosa Vida turns on him. Despite Highwire's help, Hermosa Vida busts pass Frequency and charges into PCOY. Highwire and Frequency bond over their desire to do good and protect loved ones.

Frequency uses up the power in PCOY and gives up his hold on the radio tower to mass broadcast a message: Calling Hermosa Vida out on the hypocrisy of her actions. With the help of Sage's final words, Hermosa Vida realizes what is right, and goes to defend the building.

The Director arrives with Ringleader, who has a tense confrontation with Highwire, ending with a near lethal attack on him. Hermosa Vida gives herself up in exchange for everyone's safety and making PCOY off limits. Sage hits the F.A.L.C.O.N. truck with a tracking device as it leaves. The group bonds in the aftermath, trying to decompress.

In the end scenes, Ringleader is talking with Damascus about what happened, but decides he won't be chased away. Theirs a final scene advertising Whelmed: The Young Justice Files podcast.

Issues Edit

# Title Release Date Link Runtime
Issue 1 The First Act 09/12/2018 Listen 00:49:20
When trouble starts knocking around Protean City sometimes heroes are found in the most unlikely places.
Issue 2 The Center Ring 09/19/2018 Listen 00:55:42
With the city balancing on a knife blade, will the addition of a villain turned hero tilt the balance toward destruction or stability?
Issue 3 A Grand Finale 09/26/2018 Listen 00:41:52
This is the final issue of Volume 19 - Powder Keg. When everything comes together for the for a grand finale who will walk away and who will triumph.

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  • "Two heads are better than none." - Elias, 6:58 Issue 1
  • "He was a good boyfriend, just made bad choices to be a villain." Highwire, Issue 1
  • "This time, instead of a brief case full of money, it's a briefcase full of we're not gonna have to go to jail." Ringleader, 10:42 Issue 2
  • " GET. YOUR. ASS. DOWN. HERE. NOW!" - Sage, 25:12 Issue 2
  • "It was always supposed to be you and me. Stand by my side, not his." Highwire, 29:42 Issue 3
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