In the first volume, Fashion Disaster, the team follow a lead from Alina's mysterious mentor. After breaking and entering during a local fashion show they discover trouble is afoot.


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# Title Release Date Link Runtime
Issue 1 Backstage Passes 10/04/2017 Listen 00:41:00
In this first issue of the Volume 1 Fashion Disaster, Alina gets a tip from her mentor that trouble might be brewing at the big fashion show this evening. Can the team sneak in and figure out what sinister plot is afoot without being distrated by supermodels?
Issue 2 So Last Season 10/11/2017 Listen 00:50:01
In this second issue of Volume 1 Fashion Disaster, ticking drives the plot forward. Will Puck, Alina, and Penance get out of the room alive? Will Frequency and Sohcahtoa find the right tune for sneaking? Find out in this issue of Protean City Comics!
Issue 3 Runaway Runway 10/18/2017 Listen 00:44:44
In this third issue of Volume 1 Fashion Disaster, will the team be able to halt the metaphorical steam train of momentum the Steam Society has gained? Will the team be able to half the literal momentum of the Steam Society's literal steam train? Find out in the thrilling conclusion of Volume One.




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