In the second volume, Hollow Eves, the team attends a Halloween costume party. Before anyone can figure out what is happening the girls find themselves falling down the rabbit hole. Will this adventure make or break their friendship?


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# Title Release Date Link Runtime
Issue 1 Let's Ghost 10/25/2017 Listen 00:59:10
In this first issue of Volume 2 Hollow Eves the ladies of our heroic team attend the most terrifying event possible...a high school party. Will they drink alcohol underage? Be tempted by drugs? Will they be lured by cute boys into a dark basement to play the a demonic board game? Read on and find out.
Issue 2 Fractured Hearts Twisted Claws 11/01/2017 Listen 01:06:56
In this second issue of Volume 2 Hollow Eves, we ask the question "Who is this Arcana person" and hopefully get an answer. Will our heroes save this broken world and get their friends home safe? Read on and fight out!



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