This is the third volume, Birds of a Feather. The boys spend time putting in their community service hours, but it isn't long before they get into trouble. They make new friends and find out about new opportunities.


The volume opens on Ben, Kalino, and John putting in some city mandated community service scrubbing clean the Brightside Bay Boardwalk. The boys are quickly distracted when a building down the beach explodes outward as a raging Dr Devilis beings wreaking havoc. Despite protests from their community handler, the boys leap into action.

Puck enters into close combat with Devilis who easily portals him away to hell. It isn't long before two new allies join the confrontation: the city's stalwart guardian Centurion and a new hero in powered armor. With some help from Sohcahtoa, Centurion and the new hero defeat Devilis while Frequency makes sure the civilians are safe.

After portaling back from a hell dimension, Puck pays radio host Jack Chance a visit live on air. Puck confronts him and accuses him of orchestrating the Devilis attack. Chance counters, accusing Puck of causing destruction all over the city and then offers a large sum of money to anyone who unmasks Puck. Off-air, Chance offers Puck a deal to work together before he kills Puck.

Puck returns to the boardwalk just in time to see Devilis defeated. The media arrives and the new hero reveals herself to be Striped Eagle Mark 2.

Later in the week Sohcahtoa reaches out to Striped Eagle, his new contact at F.A.L.C.O.N. and girl he has definitely not totally fallen for. She agrees to meet the team that night and discuss them possibly working with F.A.L.C.O.N. Despite the girls not showing up, Striped Eagle agrees to give the boys a chance. The following day they follow up on some intel and stop an attack by the terrible Terrasaur. With all the technology and resources of F.A.L.C.O.N. behind them the boys and Striped Eagle are a force to be reckoned with.

All is not what it seems. Puck discovers a terrible secret.


# Title Release Date Link Runtime
Issue 1 Devilis In the Details 11/08/2017 Listen 00:56:30
Time for the team to put in their community service. What could possibly go wrong when Puck, Sohcahtoa, and Frequency spend time cleaning up the boardwalk? They wouldn't go charging into combat without a plan again would they!
Issue 2 A Second Chance 11/15/2017 Listen 00:49:08
Who is this Jack Chance person. Can Frequency and Sohcahtoa defeat Devilis without Puck? Will the boys embarass themselves in front of Centurion and this new young hero? Find out in this issue of Protean City Comics!
Issue 3 Flock Together 11/22/2017 Listen 00:53:17
In this the third issue of Volume Three, Bird of a Feather the boys head home and spend time with their families. Their adventure is not over as one of the party receives a phone call from a recent aquaintance.
Issue 4 Effective Immediately 11/29/2017 Listen 00:48:56
In this final issue of Volume 3 Bird of a Feather the boys and the young Striped Eagle face off together against a dangerous foe. Can they work with F.A.L.C.O.N. and be an effective team?



  • Brightside Bay Boardwalk


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