When a holiday party put on by Lunar Lens for the P.C.O.Y. kids is interrupted by some miscreants, the team must leap into action. An unknown watcher witnesses the attack and the team finds out that if they want to keep the holiday spirit and new friends alive they'll have to fight for it.


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# Title Release Date Link Runtime
Issue 1 A Snowball's Chance 12/06/2017 Listen 01:00:00
This is issue one of three for Volume 4 Holidazed. Whether you're being wrangled into a charity event or seeing snow for the first time, winter in Protean City is a special time. We sure hope nothing ruins this peaceful day off.
Issue 2 Holiday Blues 12/13/2017 Listen 01:05:05
This is issue two of three for Volume 4 Holidazed. Who are these strange intruders? What do they want? Did our heroes get each other holiday gifts? Will anyone remember that Sohcahtoa is covered in rats?!
Issue 3 No Creature Was Stirring 12/20/2017 Listen 01:02:15
This is the third and final issue of the fourth volume. Will Windshear continue to rage out of control? Will the team every find a moment to exchange gifts? Find out in the last issue of 2017.



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