When Sage and Ben are tasked by Lunar Lens to take care of a visiting Mayor's daughter for the day they know they need to bring in Sohcahtoa who is still a kid at heart. They may have fought demons, dinosaurs, and raging heroes but are they up to the task of babysitting?


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# Title Release Date Link Runtime
Issue 1 Babysitter's Club 01/03/2018 Listen 00:52:21
This is Issue 1 of 2 for Volume 5: Three Capes and a Baby. In which our heroes are given the important task of watching a visiting Mayor's young daughter and entertaining her. Are they up to the task? Is there a sinister plan brewing in the background? Find out in this issue of Protean City Comics!
Issue 2 Bunker Down 01/10/2018 Listen 01:08:54
This is the second and last issue of Volume 5: Three Capes and a Baby. When we last left our heroes they had finally reconnected with the girl they were tasked to protect when terrible villains arrived over Protean City. Can the team keep Claire safe?!



  • P.C.O.Y.
  • Town Hall


Mayor Whitman and his daughter Claire are borrowed NPCs from the Nerds on a Roll Podcast.

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