"Windshear, full of Hot Air and out of time."

Windshear is a long-term staple of Protean City's superheroics who began fighting crime in the Gold Generation but is most associated with the Bronze Generation. His mutation gives him control air in a variety of ways including flight and solidifying it. He was introduced in Incredible Powers! in 1957 as a hero for the common man and recurred frequently. He received his own comic in 1972 and was moved to Los Caballeros Del Calle! in issue #1 (1987).  

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Ramón is a Cuban man who appears to be in his mid 40s. He stands 5'8" though he often levitates when in combat and has a muscular build. He has deep brown glaring eyes and neck length grey streaked black wavy hair.

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Windshear has changed his costume over the years with a number of different illustrators. Currently, he has a skintight black in _____ tucked into a pair of beat up black jeans and a set of heavy black boots. He wears a heavy leather jacket tossed on over it.

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Ramón tends not to like dressing up and wears jeans that he's had for years and undershirts as he patrols about the B.A.S.H. When dressing up, he doesn't wear ties, making reference to how easy it is to choke on them.

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Windshear's powers are primarily tied in with control of air. His power level has fluctuated, but generally increased over years of publication. When his anger really comes through, he is more powerful, but has less tight control.

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Ignacio Castillo

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